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Shikyo (死去 death) is a powerful sword wielded by the swordsman Hideaki Kanzen. It is supposedly a family heirloom, and was supposedly handed down to Hideaki by his father at a young age. It is known to be a cursed sword, asking for something in exchange to be able to use it, Hideaki had given his left eye, which is the reason for him having that eye blind. It is known to be rather difficult to wield, but has monstrous cutting strength, easily cleaving through trees with a standard strike, and if struck hard enough, can break through steel.


An unusual sword, it's standard appearance is that of a pure black katana. The primarily blade out of the hilt is an unusual shape and many have given thought to why this is so. The rest of the blade however, is a standard katana shape. It has a purple hilt, as well as a gold crossguard in an oval like shape. Hideaki has said that it takes this shape because it's in it's 'early stages of death' implying that it can 'evolve' into something more powerful.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Decaying Touch: The primary ability of Shikyo, is the ability to start decaying any inanimate object that Shikyo touches, this excludes legendary blades or artifacts such as the Shikon Jewel or Tetsusaiga. This ability is highly useful, as it can slowly decay an opponents weapon. However the main drawbacks are the slow progression, as well as being able to be prevented by powerful attacks, which can blow away the 'decaying' effect.
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