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"Shinyōkai... they are as far above normal yōkai as the sky is above the earth."

Shinyōkai (True Yokai) is a classification for certain exceedingly powerful yōkai groups. Shinyōkai are very rare and they usually stay hidden to avoid catching unwanted attention.

Common featuresEdit

All shinyokai share certain similar features:

  • Unusual yōki: This is probably the most important feature of all shinyōkai: Their energy is vastly different from normal yōki, to the point where it can be said it's not yōki at all. For this reason, shinyōkais' yoki is called shinyōki. Shinyōki can reach from pure to evil; pure shinyōki can feel almost holy, while evil shinyōki can feel truely devilish. Shinyōkai can in most cases mask their shinyōki and make it feel like normal yōki.
  • Exceeding power: Shinyokai are, in almost all cases, more powerful than their reqular yōkai counterparts.
  • Extreme longevity: Shinyōkai usually have lifespans much longer than those of reqular yōkai.
  • Calm and collected personality: Shinyōkai rarely get visibly shocked by feelings or surprise. Most shinyōkai can maintain their calmness even in the middle of a fierce battle.

Known shinyokaiEdit

  • Shinkitsune - kitsune shinyōkai.
    • Kuyomaro (considered former after his body switching experiments)
    • Kuyomaro's twin brother (deceased)