Shippo was following his friends when he lagged behind.

"Shippo what's wrong?" Kagome asked. Shippo realised he really shouldn't have drunk that extra large soda, he needed the bathroom really badly.

"I really need the bathroom!" Shippo cried.

"Well we're not in town yet, so you'll have to hold it until then." Replied Sango.

"But I can't! I-" Shippo spluttered but he was interrupted by a warm trickling from his trousers as a wet patch formed on the front. "Oh no!" He yelled.

"You dirty rat!" Yelled Inu Yasha, he smacked Shippo on the head. The young fox demon cried and had a large angry bump on his head.

"Inu Yasha! Sit boy!" Kagome scolded, the white haired half demon fell over and face planted the ground.

"Ow!" Yelled Inu Yasha.

"Now apologise to Shippo." Kagome demanded.

"No!" Inu Yasha replied giving her a defiant look.

"Sit boy! Sit! Sit! Sit!" Kagome yelled making Inuyasha slam into the ground repeatedly until he was unconscious.

"Kagome I think his unconscious..." Miroku the perverted priest explained.

"Good." Kagome replied sharply. She then comforted Shippo. "There there Shippo, you had an accident, that's alright, we'll just have to get a change of clothes when we go back to my world." She explained softly while cuddling the fox demon. They soon arrived at Kaede's village where Kagome arrived n the feudal realm from the well of bones. Once everyone was settled, Kagome went back to the present via the well.

Kagome found some of Souta's old clothes, she got some scissors and cut a hole in the back of the small shorts and underpants to accommodate Shippo's tail. She then returned to the past.

"Ok Shippo, I have some clean clothes for you, try them on." Kagome explained. Shippo complied and stripped off, he put on the strange clothes he was now wearing a pair of shorts and a stripey t shirt, a baseball cap and socks and trainers. He blushed as he wagged his tail.

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