Shiro Musaburu
Shirt human form
Shiro in his "human" form
Age 300
Birthdate Winter
Height 186cm
Gender Male
Species Kitsune Daiyōkai
Affiliation Lazarus Clan
Occupation Father
Guardian of the Central Forest
Previous Occupation(s) Fox Deity

Wife: Iku Musa
Daughter: Otsu Musa





Avenging LoveEdit


Guardian of the CenterEdit


Physical descriptionEdit

Shiro a tall thinly built young humanoid. Having two blue eyes and short white hair.


He wears a white, and black Japanese yukata, with a blue tie.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Shiro was among a rare few of demons to achieve a level of divinity and become a protector of his own domain. Before losing his godhood it was said he rivaled many Greater Demons, even possibly the Great Dog Demon himself though this is purely speculation on Shiro's part.

Fox MagicEdit

Even as a deity, honored among the humans as their protector within his domain Shiro was still a Kitsune and a mischievous one at that. He's an esteemed shapeshifter, transforming into people or objects with ease. Shiro is also among the few fox demon's who are able to hide his scent when transformed.

Illusions are also apart of Shiro's arsenal.


Despite his preference for fox magic, Shiro has demonstrated several abilities outside of this.

  • Speed: Shiro is able to move at very high speeds. While it is impossible to say exactly how fast, or how fast in comparison to other demons, it can be said that he is able to keep up with Inuyasha during their first encounter.
  • Nature Manipulation: Shiro has varied effects on nature. He is able to summon roots to entangle and restrain people.
  • Accelerated Growth: The Kitsune is able to speed up the rate of growth of plants, allowing him to create a forest in mere seconds as a means of hiding himself. He can also control the plants he grew to do certain tasks.
  • Powerful Aura: As a Greater Demon Shiro possessed a powerful aura of demonic energy.


  • Devil's Seed: A small seed that Shiro plants in his opponent's body and can be manipulated using his demon energy. After it has had enough time to secure its roots within the victim's body, the death plant bursts forth from within, killing the opponent at Shiro's command.
  • Parasitic's Embrace: Similar to the Devil Seed technique, Shiro plants a similar seed into his opponents body, as well as his own.Once both plants have had time to secure its roots within the host's bodies a parasitic bond is formed. Any damage inflicted on one body is instead transferred over to the opposite and vis versa. 

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