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"What's the purpose of living forever, when you have to live alone?"

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"I don't care if you're a demon, I'm going to help you."
— Shiromai to a sleeping Sesshōmaru

Age 19 (in appearance)
Approx. 300 (chronologically)
Birthdate March 17
Height 172.7 cm (5'7")
Weight 54.1 kg (118.4 lbs.)
Gender Female
Species Yuki-Onna Yōkai
Affiliation Sesshōmaru
Team Sesshōmaru's Traveling Group
Occupation None
Previous Occupation(s) Courtesan at brothel

Yuki-Onna (unknown relation)
Rin (adoptive sister)
Jaken (adoptive brother)



Shiromai (White Dance), revered as the Pale White Dancer and Pure White Dancer is a Yuki-Onna Yōkai who became a traveling companion of Sesshōmaru's around the same time as Rin. She was intially thought to be Human, but she was later revealed as being the opposite. Prior to becoming Sesshōmaru's traveling companion, she was a courtesan at a brothel in a red-light district near Rin's village.



Shiromai appears as an average woman with long, pure white hair down to her thighs, and crystal blue eyes. She is typically seen in a white kimono decorated with cherry blossoms tied closed with a blue obi that matches the markings she has on her eyelids, cheeks, wrists, and ankles. She is also seen with a fan, also decorated with blue, which she tends to hit Jaken or Inuyasha with. She wears traditional Chinese socks and simple sandals. She possesses fair skin that tends to drift from pale to cream.


Shiromai is typically a distant, tranquil individual. Even as a courtesan, she tends to rarely speak and is anything but talkative. She often acts this way around her clients and others, though she appears somewhat different in Sesshomaru's prescence, instead being more talkative and less distant.

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