シルバーラブブレード (Shirubārabuburēdo) aka Silver Love Blade

シルバーラブブレード (Shirubārabuburēdo, Silver Love Blade) is Sakura's one of 2 lightsabers that is made with a demonic crystal given to her by her father before she left to go with her adoptive mother to the modern world instead of Feudal Japan. It wasn't until she was on Yavin 4 that she would construct a lightsaber with the crystal as her very first lightsaber only to realize that the demonic crystal gave this lightsaber unknown powers than a supposed regular lightsaber that led her build a lightsaber with crystals that Jaina helped her to create so it would be a bright vibrant pink due to her lack of crystal making materials. This leads Shirubārabuburēdo to be come cerimonial until she know what she is seeing through the force and only used on very rare occasions but can't seem to fully master it. Luke believes she needs to be at least in her half demon form pernamently where her demonic powers merge to actually see and master this technique other than seeing through the force and being scared what it could do.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  •   力傷跡 (Chikara kizuato, Force Scar)
  • フォース反発 (Fōsu hanpatsu, Rebounding Force)

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