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Background Edit

The Shozoku no Urufu have developed many abilities during their existence. Some of these abilities were too great that the elders either banned them from use, or only allowed one or two Urufus to learn these abilities.

List of Abilities Edit

The Kinjutsu of the Shozoku no Urufu is classified into 3 catagories. Growl, the weakest, Bark, middle level strength, and Howl, the strongest.

Growl Edit

These are the most common Kinjutsu that Urufus can use:

Bark Edit

These mid-level powers are more difficult to learn. Usually, 20 Urufus know at least one of these abilities.

Howl Edit

These powers are known only by the true elite of the Shozoku no Urufu. Each ability has either been mastered once, or is considered to be of unimaginable power.