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Name: Shozoku no Urufu Kinjutsu: Ameno Murasaki Urufu

Translation: Wolf Tribe Forbidden Art: Celestial Violet Wolf

Users: Hikaru Kuraihi

Nickname: Tenrai Keishiki no Urufu

Background Edit

The Ameno Murasaki Urufu is one of the most powerful techniques that the Shozoku no Urufu can learn. When mastered, the user becomes engulfed in their energy color, turning their hair and eyes into that color. Their energy color isn't predetermined, but becomes evident when they use energy attacks. For example, if a Wolf Tribe member fires an energy blast that is red, they will exude a red aura. But since Hikaru has been the only one to master this technique, it only accompanies his energy color. If another was to master it, they would rename the technique according to their energy color.

The Aura that surrounds them multiplies their energy 5 to 10 times their normal power. This causes the color changes, and any loose jackets or trench coats to be blown off. This also causes dramatic changes in their personality. Hikaru turns from his usual analytical and cheerful demeanor to a violent and cold-hearted killing machine, focused on the target before him. The user retains their sanity for a short time; only 10 minutes. After that, their adrenaline spikes to incredible levels, causing them to fight like a berserker, destroying all in their path. Hikaru has only gone beyond this limit once, and as a result, he destroyed a village because of it. He rarely uses this technique, and when he does, he means business.

Notable Powers Edit

Increased Speed: The user's speed increases to 7 times their normal speed.

Increased Energy: The user's energy is too great to contain that it begins to flow outward, often affecting those who are sensitive to that type of energy greatly.

Kinzoku Tsume: (Metal Claw) is the name given to the power when the user's aura covers their hands, and hardens, creating claws that are able to cut through all substances. There are some that it cannot cut through, but this is unknown at this point.