The True Transformed blade

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Sozo no Ken is the sword of Inuyasha's son Tenja.The Sozo no Ken is also known as the Sword of Creation and is said to be the ulitmate weapon that can only be used by a natural-born king and can unite the world with its power.The sword was originally use by Tenja's past life Akira the Magnificent who used it as the main point of his conquest. Before his death Akira hid the sword sealed in a katanna form and hidden in a tomb below eventually the resting place of Midoriko and gaurded by tests of heart, spirit, insight,and finally worthiness which are achieved throught natural purity. Most people however though it was a legend some went looking for it but were never seen again as they were probaly not worthy. Tenja when he was 10 years old went to the cave to pay tribute to the miko when he sensed the sword and stumbled apon the passaway to the tomb and made it through the tests until he made it to the Sword's chamber where he meet Arika's spirit where he learned of his and the conqueror's share past and accepted the Sword which turned into it true form which resembles a buster blade and it bonds with Tenja as it did with Akira and he gains all of his past life's knowledge and skill of the sword.When Tenja fully masters it it becomes an ancient weapon with a two piece blade and black hilt.

Tenja has used it in all of his adventures and has used it to its fullest. The Sword itself like Tessaiga, and Tenseiga it appears to be sentient and gives advice to the young hanyo. 


When first seen it appears as a old katanna with no blade gaurd and a braid attached to the bottom of its hilt.

When released by it reincarnated master Tenja it takes on the usual appearance of a Japanese katanna with red hilt fabris, a gold blade guard and a black and gold sealth.

When transformed it resembles a large buster sword with a red and gold hilt

When Tenja fully masters it it becomes an powerful sword with a two piece blade and black hilt.

Powers & AblitiesEdit

It is a very powerful weapon even stronger than So'unga, has the ability to copy the abilites of any weapon and can even copy its appearance. So far it has copy the abilties of Tessaiga,  Tenseiga, and Bakusaiga.


BL009W Urahara Kisuke Bleach Wooden sword large

The Sealed form of Sozo no Ken

Dragon ninja sword 540

The standard form

Clouds Buster Sword

The first transformed form of the blade

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