An Ushi-Oni, the Tengu of bull yokai.

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Tengu are Yokai of elevated special status, typically of a higher power and rank than Yokai under them. They are animal yokai of mythical, "enhanced" animal species, such as the kitsune being the tengu of foxes, the yatagarasu the tengu of ravens, the tanuki the tengu of raccoons, etc. They normally control a faction of the species which they are a tengu to, and usually all of them if they are the sole tengu of that species. Many of them become greatly powerful and respected, attaining high positions and controlling their own large factions. If two tengu of a single species come into conflict with one another's factions, it is common for bloodshed to occur until the matter is settled, though it is not unheard of for there to be clans of tengu, families of them that have united into a ruling class of that species.