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"A great monster that manipulates the dark side, petrifies his opponents, and shakes existance with a single leap. He is strong and arrogant. When he feels irritated, he will destroy a whole continent."
Byakko Kuromeru about Tenryu Sennin's power

Tenryu Sennin
Tenryu Sennin
Tenryu Sennin
Age Unknown (Looks 25 years old)
Height 6 ft. 4 in.
Weight 161 lb
Gender Male
Species Yōkai
Affiliation Unknown
Previous Affiliation N/A
Team Unknown

Senka Kururugi (Unknown Relations)



Tenryu Sennin (天竜セージ, lit. Celestial Dragon Sage, Real Name "Nyorai Kururugi") is a powerful Yōkai who rivaled that of Unagi Kawahiru.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Unsurpassable Spiritual Energy: Tenryu Sennin has never once lost a fight, and has Reikioshi strong enough to even bring Haizo and Hikaru to their knees with just that in his sealed state. It was mentioned by Byakko that Dai Yōko cannot be defeated one-on-one, and must be approached by each of the Yonkou together in order to defeat him.

Unsurpassable Speed: Tenryu Sennin possess speed that can even surpass Hikaru Kuraihi's speed, being known for his great speed. When he moves, he leaves behind solid after-images, like clones almost. Also, when he disappears, he makes a teleporting-like noise and makes a burning noise sometimes, leaving a crater from where he teleports from.

Incredible Strength: Tenryu Sennin's physical strength can easily toss mountain tops at long distances and was able to block Hikaru's Shadow Blade with nothing but the back of his right hand.

Natural Born Xiāochú: Tenryu Sennin was born as a Xiāochú, meaning he is instintivly skilled in all of the Xiāochú techniques and even carries an as-of-yet unnamed Shénzhǔjiá.

Mass Petrification: Being a powerful Xiāochú, Tenryu Sennin can turn everyone around him into solid stone, even their chakra and/or spiritual energy will turn to stone with them. Only people with high Reikioshi can withstand this but only to a certain level.

Jubaku Spells: Being a Xiāochú, Tenryu Sennin is familar with all of the spells of a Xiāochú, and is extremely skilled with all of them, namely the Jaen and Dai Jaen spells. His Jaen had enough power to completly block Seireitou's Shikon Hisakiten and also cause a gash on Seireitou's chest with its extra energy left.