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Tenshi (天使, lit. angel or angelic being) are the antithesis to the yokai as yokai are often referred to as demons, while Tenshi are referred to as angel-like beings. Unlike yokai, all Tenshi are born into a human form, however, like yokai, the Tenshi possess an animalistic nature within them. When a tenshi is born, it's considered "pure", meaning it has no traces of evil in it's being, however, as the Tenshi matures, it, like humans and yokai, develops it's personality which can develop carnal nature or evil traits. However, there is a distinguished difference between the three. Whenever a tenshi develops these traits, it tends to try and bury them within themselves, creating a yokai-like creature than lives within their subconscious. These "alter-egos" are called Datenshi (堕天使, fallen angels) which take the form of animals (like yokai do in their true forms) and have their own personalities, though their personalities tend to reflect the evil emotions of their tenshi host. If a tenshi becomes consumed by their datenshi, they will transform into a yokai.

Tenshi Fangs Edit

Like the fangs of yokai, a tenshi's fang can be used to forge a powerful sword, however, unlike yokai, a tenshi's fang has some innate abilities that can be passed on and better used once made into a blade. Tenshi fangs can turn up to two yokai into tenshi with an ability called Oten (恩典, act of grace); as stated above, this can only be used twice. After that, the fang will no longer have this ability. The second, and final innate ability of a Tenshi fang is the ability to revive one person from the dead. If used more than once, the user will die in exchange for the person they are trying to revive's life.

Datenshi Edit

Datenshi are made from the evil, animalistic traits developed in a tenshi's personality. Datenshi take on the form of an animal and are ranked by the number of tails they have. A datenshi can be born with one tail and then as it strengthens, it can gain more, with the maximum number being ten.

Datenshi can control their hosts during times of emotional rage, signified by the tenshi's eyes taking on the form of their datenshi and the datenshi's energy beginning to leak out. When a datenshi controls their host's emotions fully, the host's body will transform into the datenshi's animal form until the tenshi regains control. If a datenshi controls it's host's emotions and then seizes command of the host's heart, the tenshi will then become a yokai. Datenshi have their own power source, completely separate from it's host's power. Some tenshi can control their datenshi to an extent, using this backup source of power added onto their own. An extremely powerful tenshi can completely dominate it's datenshi even in it's full transformation.

Trivia Edit

  • Datenshi are based of the Tailed Beasts from the Naruto series.

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