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Toumyo (灯明, Light offered to a God) is the ancient katana wielded by Haruda. It was originally wielded by Haruda's father who was an ancient and powerful Dragon Demon. It has the ability to manipulate the energy that all Dragon demons come from, including the spirit of fire itself. The wielder also gains the ability to enter a Rage Mode which strengthens the users natural abilities.
The Blade of the Dragon
Name Toumyo
Kanji 灯明
Romanji Light offered to a God
Background Info.
Creator Unnamed Dragon Elder
Creation Date May 17th
Sword's Make katana
Length 4'5"
Weight 3 lbs.
Elemental Nature
Current Haruda
Trump Techniques Fire Control
Rage Mode

Fire Techniques Violet Blaze
Red Wave
Wind Techniques Mountain Cutter

Description Edit

When sealed, Toumyo appears as a standard katana with a red handle and rounded square shaped guard. The sheath is red with two thick straps hanging off the end. When entering its unsealed form, it becomes a shinken with a thick white rope that wraps around the handle and Haruda's wirst. He also gains a vivid red aura.

Inner Spirit Edit

The spirit of Toumyo is part of the essence that was once in Haruda's father. This being said, the spirit of Toumyo is often angry and hates being distrubed. He does however respect Haruda everytime he grows in battle. He often contacts Haruda and will tell him crucial imformation when neccasary.

Abilities Edit

  • Fire Control- Toumyo has the abiliy to exert large amounts of fire and control them on Haruda's whim. They are quite potent having the intensity of legendary flames such as Amaterasu. The spirit in Toumyo does however hold the abiliy to hold back the fire attirbute of Toumyo which he does often to tease and bother Haruda.
  • Rage Mode- Not neccasarily a mode, but the power that rises from Haruda when he taps into the spirit of Toumyo. He gains thicker dragon like skin and full red eyes. He has only shown to enter this state in a fit of rage and states to hate this state because he cannot control himself when in Rage Mode.
  • Murasaki Kaen (紫色炎, Violet Flame)- Grasping Toumyo tightly, a violet colored flame will gather at the metal portion of the blade. With a heavy swing, the flame will out stretch towards the target and catch onto the target. The Violet colored flame is said to be hard to put out.
  • Akanami (赤色 ウェーブ, Red Wave)- A standard attack in which a red energy will gather around Toumyo. Haruda will slash downward creating a wave shaped enegy blast that will fly at the opponent doing little to no damage on powerful enemies. In Rage Mode, this attack increases expanationaly.
  • Hitoyama Kirite (山荘 カッター, Mountain Cutter)- A devestating attack in which Haruda will grasp Toumyo with two hands. Doing one full spin, a sharp current will fly towards the target at incredibly fast speeds. When it makes contact, it delivers multiple sharp thin strikes into the target.

Trivia Edit

  • Toumyo is one of the few powerful blades not made from the fang/claw of another demon. It is instead crafted from pure energy and everyday metals.
  • Similar to Haruda, Toumyo can swallow flames that it comes in contact with making its attacks much more brutal.