Formerly known as Eddie Brock Jr., he is an enemy of Spiderman.


(Eddie Brock Jr.)

Height Varies
Weight Varies
Gender Male
Species Symbiote/Human hybrid
Partners Carnage (Cletus Kasady)
Affiliation Symbiotes

Carnage ("son")

Toxin ("grandson")

Phage ("grandson")

Scream ("granddaughter")

Agony ("granddaughter")

Lasher ("grandson")



"We are poison. We are your doom. We. Are. VENOM!"

Appearance Edit

Eddie Brock Jr. Edit

As Venom Edit

Venom has a massive, hulking body with jet-black "skin", two white spider symbols on his chest and back, white patches for eyes and a mouth full of teeth and a long tongue. He has clawed hands

Abilities Edit

Venom has the ability to shoot black webs from his wrists as well as create tendrils from his body. He can camouflage himself and is resistant to Spider-Man's Spider Sense due to the Symbiote formerly bonding with him.

Personality Edit

Venom is very savage and bloodthirsty however, he only kills those who are not innocent, which leads him into fighting with his "son" Carnage.

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