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He is the King of the Greek Gods of Olympus.

Zeus, Lord of Olympus
Age Uncountable
Birthdate Unknown
Height 6'5 feet
Gender Male
Species Diety
Partners Hera (Wife)
Affiliation The Twelve Olympians
Previous Affiliation Gaia
Occupation King of the Gods, God of Weather and the Sky
Previous Occupation(s) Rebel God

Cronus (Father), Rhea (Mother), Hades, Poseidon (Brothers), Demeter, Hestia (Sisters), Hera (Sister/Wife), Numerous children...



Appearence Edit

He has the appearence of a man with white hair and grey eyes.

He wears peasent clothes, because he believes that clothes do not show power, only power and ruthlessness.

Personality Edit

He is wise, arrogant, lustful, and aggressive. He is also very wrathful, destroying all who he deems an offense to his rule.

He demands all that approaches him to worship him, he expects all to use honorifics, not to do so is a bad thing.

He is power hungry, and aclaims praise and worship, as he believes that is what a god deserves.

He is known to cheat on his wife, Hera, with a multitude of women. Many of his offspring went to live great and important lives.

He has also been known to sleep with men as well.

History Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Wind Manipulation: He is able to generate winds able to knock down buildings.

Rain Manipulation: He is able to create massive rainstorms able to create floods.

Thunderbolt Manipulation: He is able to create thunderbolts from his body, even turn into one.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatent: He is incredibly great at hand-to-hand combat, able to defeat one with only his hands.

Master Sword Combatent: He is able to fight well with swords, particularly short swords, but he prefers his own hands and feet.

Blizzard Generation: He is able to make blizzards that could cover a vilage in 5 feet of snow.

Sky Vision: He is able to see anything that the sky can see.

Immortality: He cannot die from age, hunger, or thirst. He can heal, but the severity of the owund will drain energy depending on how bad it is.