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Zokunen Jewel Shards are broken down pieces of the Soul from every demon. Similar to Shikon Jewel Shards, they give enhnaced performance and can heal almost anything. When gathered in a large enough bundle, they can constitute into a demon so powerful that Naraku seems weak. Unlike the Shikon no Tama, when in full form or in shards it has a green color with an ominous black glow.

Zokunen no Tama

Trivia Edit

  • The Zokunen Jewel Shards have only been brough together once. When doing so, the Inu no Taisho, Ichigo's father was born.
  • If someone weak were to hold a large amount of shards on their person at one time, the sheer power would kill them. In doing so, the shards have struck fear into many and have been forbidden to talk about in many villages.
  • After gathering them once, they would not appear for 1,000 more years showing why Naraku did not search for such a powerful artifact.